Our Story

Owner, Joe Schrum, grew up south of St. Louis where his love of the outdoors was originated. He grew up running through the hills and valleys behind his house, this is where his love for nature and the beauty it holds was first found. After graduating from college with a degree in Agriculture Business, Joe obtained full time employment and settled down into life after college. However, on any given evening or weekend you are sure to find him hard at play in his workshop, hand crafting one of a kind knives.

Several years ago he saw some custom made knives for sale and wondered about the process, one could say that is when it all started. He crawled into the rabbit hole that day and was exposed to a completely new and different world, he's yet to make it out. Everyone has a starting point and this was his.  The first few knives he made were a burden on the eyes, but there was some allure of taking steel and wood and crafting it into a usable, yet beautiful creation.  Working one-on-one with a local blade smith, he continually educated himself on better techniques and skills and has found self-satisfaction in creating a visually pleasing, durable and useful knife.

155lb Peter Wright anvil and a Champion rounding blacksmith hammer

155lb Peter Wright anvil and a Champion rounding blacksmith hammer

The tools he uses in his shop are nearly all ones he has traded for or been given.  The 155lb Peter Wright anvil he uses was passed to him from his uncle who had gotten it from his late grandfather.  It has been in his family since the late 1950's and he is proud to be able to use something so old that has so much soul in it. The hammer he uses most often is a 2.5lb Champion rounding hammer which he found in a friend's garage.  The handle was broken but they said he could have it if he would use it. It quickly became his favorite hammer. He describes it by saying it feels like an old friend shaking his hand every time he picks it up. 

We greatly appreciate every helping hand throughout our journey.  And most importantly, to you, for expressing an interest in handcrafted items.

Joseph Schrum
Halcyon Forge